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Ok, let's take a moment and appreciate how beautiful this palette is. It may not look very well in this picture as I've been using it A LOT over the past month or so, but I'm telling you, if I could chose one makeup item to save in a fire, I would go for this palette. 
I'm usually a very impulsive person when it comes to buying makeup. Unless I'm looking to get a new foundation, I never really do a proper research into the products that I'm getting. After all, I'm here to try and test as many things as possible, regardless if they work well for me or not. 
However, because of the mixed opinions on the previous Huda Beauty eyeshadow palette, I was a bit sceptical about Desert Dusk and if it's really worth the money (it retails for £56). So I decided to read as many reviews as possible and watch a bunch of tutorials and even though I was not 100% convinced that this is for me, I still went ahead and purchased the palette.
Luckily, this was one of the best decisions I've ever made because I've come to love this palette and use it literally every single day. Now let's get into the details! 


I would say the packaging is quite simple, but effective. The eyeshadows come in a cardboard like case? pan? box? however you want to call it and it features a picture of Huda Kattan on the lid. Inside you get a big mirror which is a plus from the brand's previous Rose Gold palette.
You get 18 eyeshadows in four different textures (talk about diversity) and they're all supposed to be highly pigmented, super easy to blend and talc-free. So there are eight butter mattes, six pressed pearls, three duo-chrome toppers and one daring glitter, which is basically a pure glittery pigment in a pan. 

Product & Formula

Inspired by the rich colours of the Middle East, the Desert Dusk palette is taking us on an Arabian journey. The colours are so versatile so you can create an endless amount of looks with this palette. Either you want something natural for the day time, or maybe something more sultry for a night time look, Huda Beauty has got you covered. 
The opulent colours of the Middle East were definitely encapsulated in this palette. Vibrant purples and ochre tones, soft sandy nudes, sunset-like oranges, shimmery pearls in bronze, plum and rose shades and a pure glitter with magenta, bronze and golden tones, the spectrum of hues and textures is so broad, making the palette probably the most unique one I've ever seen in my entire existence.
Despite of the fact that the eyeshadows come in four different formulas, they are all super pigmented, they have a really buttery texture so they feel really soft when you touch them, and last but definitely not least, they blend like a dream. You need the tiniest amount of product on your brush and use a really light hand to get that perfectly blended look with no harsh lines. 
The only downfall I encountered when using this palette is the fall out, of the eyeshadows which I was aware of before purchasing the product as many other people experienced it as well. It's not really noticeable with the matte shades but when using the glittery ones especially the pigment, you might need to clean up a bit afterwards. 


I divided my swatches according to the finishes: mattes, pearls, duo-chromes and glitters. All swatches were made without a primer underneath so you can see exactly how pigmented the eyeshadows are.

The mattes

L-R: Desert Sand, Musk, Eden, Amber, Oud, Amethyst, Saffron, Blazing

The pearls

L-R: Blood Moon, Nefertiti, Royal, Cashmere, Angelic, Turkish Delight

The duo-chrome toppers

L-R: Celestial, Twilight, Retrograde

Although for these swatches I didn't use a glitter glue or any other sticky base for the duo-chrome toppers, I would recommend using one because I've noticed it makes the colours look a little more intense.

The glitter

L: Cosmo without glitter glue; R: Cosmo with glitter glue
Cosmo needs some sort of sticky base for sure. Either you use a concealer or a glitter glue, I think it is mandatory, otherwise the pigment won't stick to your eyelid, it won't stay in place and it would fall out everywhere. The base would also bring out the pigmentation of the colour.

So we've come to the end of this review and all I have left to say is that I'm obsessed with this palette and I'm so glad I have it. I've never tried any other Huda Beauty product before purchasing this, but I'm glad my first experience with the brand was a pleasant one. At first I thought the colours are not very suitable for me as I rarely get adventurous with eyeshadow and wear something else besides browns, but I'm really digging the purple and orange vibes that this palette is offering. 

Have you tried the Deser Dusk palette or any other Huda Beauty product?



If you've been following my blog or YouTube channel for a while then you must know that I am quite literally obsessed with skincare. It's probably due to the fact that I never had perfect skin (honestly I think the last time my face was spotless was when I was a baby) so I'm always looking for new products, techniques, skincare devices that could help me improve the look of my face. Out of everything that one can put on their skin, face masks have to be my faves. Is there anything a face mask can't fix? Are you sad, broke, sleep deprived or just breaking out? A face mask will fix least for a split second.

When I heard that Simple, which is one of my favourite skincare brands from the drugstore is coming out with three new sheet masks I had to put my life on hold, run to Boots, get them and try them out asap. Well I didn't really put my life on hold, but I was in a lunch break from work when I went into Boots so I guess that counts as being on hold from something. 
Luckily I found all three face masks and one of them was the last piece on the shelf so I snatched that as fast as I could and headed straight to the cash desk to pay for them. 
Now let me tell you about my experience with these three face masks. 

Simple de-strees sheet mask with aloe & multivitamins

Simple pollution protect sheet mask with vitamin B3 and antioxidant

Simple rich moisture sheet mask with botanical extracts
First things first, some general facts about these beauties: they are made in Korea, which sounds pretty damn good considering that Korean skincare is the bomb. They are made of super soft, natural fibres with no artificial perfume, colour or harsh chemicals that can upset your skin.
I think these are my new favourite sheet masks. No matter if you're skin is dry, stressed or just dull from pollution, Simple has got you covered with the perfect antidote. They feel so light on the skin and they contour the face like a dream so you won't have to worry about the face mask slipping off. They have the perfect amount serum in them so you best believe your skin is going to get well moisturised. 
What I did was put the face masks on for 15 minutes, peel it off and then use a cotton pad to wipe of any excess of serum. What I noticed after is that my skin felt really hydrated and smooth. The de-stress mask in particular manages to soothe and brighten the face a little bit and you know I'm all about this thing. I also felt like the skincare products that I used afterwards were being absorbed more easily and they were not just sitting on my face, which is great because that means they were more effective. 

Overall, I can say that I'm really loving these new face masks and although they are slightly more expensive than everyone's drugstore favourite Garnier Moisture Bomb, I would repurchase them without having second thoughts. Actually I might go and get one after I finish writing this review!

Let me know in the comments if you've ever tried these new face masks from Simple as well as what is your favourite sheet mask! I love discovering new skincare products!


Y'all know a girl's gotta do anything and everything for happy and healthy hair, nails and skin. But when it comes to beauty, it is essential that we take good care of ourselves not only on the outside, but on the inside as well. True beauty, comes from within, am I right people? Sometimes all these beauty products that we use on a daily basis need a little boost so that we get the best possible results and maintain a nice and healthy appearance.

As a person that has quite an unhealthy diet (honestly if there was a pizza rehab facility I would need to sign up for it) I sometimes need to rely on supplements to get all the nutritional goods that I'm not getting from my food. At the same time, I absolutely hate taking any sort of tablets because I find it really hard to swallow them. It's literally a struggle.

If you follow celebs on Instagram, you might see hair vitamins advertised left, right and centre, especially cute looking hair gummies that would wanna make you eat them like a bag of Haribos. But do they actually work? Well, as a person who doesn't mind taking supplements and is constantly looking to improve the look of her hair, I decided to jump on the gummies bandwagon, try them out for a month and see if they're as good as those Instagram ads say they are.

What are they?

Out of all the chewable vitamins out there I went for the ones from the brand Hairburst just because I spotted them in Superdrug so it was really easy to pick them up and not have to wait to order things online, wait for them to arrive at my doorstep, etc. 

The Hairburst chewable hair vitamins are supposed to be 'a new tasty way to grow your hair'. They contain key ingredients such as Biotin, Selenium, Zinc, B5, B6 & B12 to help with strength and elasticity and also to prevent hair breakage, which for me that's a big issue. They taste like strawberry and blackcurrant and they are 100% chewable. If you're like me and have a hard time swallowing tablets, then the gummy texture is going to save your life and make the taking supplements process so much easier. 

The vitamins are free from all the bad things like artificial colours, milk, lactose, yeast, porcine, gluten or fish. However, and this is something that doesn't make me really happy, they do contain sugar, although they say it's in a really low quantity. I think one chewable vitamin has about 1.2 grams of sugar in it. I'm not a sugar expert, so I don't know if that is good or bad but what I know for sure is that it would have been better if there was no sugar at all.

These gummies will ensure that you're taking all the essential vitamins to maintain a fast and healthy hair growth, to help with the side effects of a poor nutrition, hair products, age and genetics. So basically, they will help you fall in love with your hair.

My experience

I would be lying if I said I saw major improvement in my hair after just one month of taking the vitamins BUT, I do see some changes. For the past 30 days I've been chewing two gummies per day as recommended. They tasted so good and although I wanted to have more, I decided to follow the instructions, practice some self control and limit myself to those two vitamins a day. 

What I've noticed after this month is that my hair feels thicker and shinier. I don't know if the shine is due to the fact that I've been using a new shampoo and conditioner, but it's there guys and we can't not acknowledge it. 
Another thing that has been happening with my hair since I've started taking these vitamins is that it started growing faster. I never believed in this thing and you can call me delusional but my hair used to take ages to grow even a tiny bit and that's why I never got dramatic haircuts, up until this summer when I decided to go short short. But now I feel like my hair is going full speed ahead to being long again and I do think that the vitamins might have something to do with it.
One final change that I've noticed in my hair, and probably the most important one and which makes me the happiest gal on the planet is that it doesn't break that much. I hair is not falling like crazy anymore. I had periods when I was literally shedding, and I know it is a natural process, especially for someone who styles their hair quite a lot and using a lot of heat, but sometimes I would get really worried about it. Anyway, now my hair falls in a decent quantity and it doesn't really break anymore when I brush it or style it.

Overall, I'm really impressed with these vitamins and I would definitely be taking them again. I never really thought some gummies could have a positive impact on my hair and actually help keeping it strong and healthy. Obviously the changes didn't happen from the first day. It takes a little bit of time and patience to start seeing some results but for me it was definitely worth it. This was the first time I was lured into buying something that was continuously advertised on Instagram and luckily it was a hit. I'm not saying you should trust everything on Instagram but I do recommend the Hairburst chewable hair vitamins!

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments below if you've ever tried any of these hair gummies or if you've ever bought something just because you've seen it on Instagram!


Ask me how I would describe this outfit and the first thing that comes to my mind is 'pumpkin spice and everything nice'. But we're not here to talk about pumpkins, although I am really glad I don't look like a big, fat one wearing these orange trousers. Orange is the new black, right? #bebold. Today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite fashion pieces for this season which I'm pretty sure I'm going to wear A LOT during this autumn, not necessarily all in one outfit like I did for this post, but you get the gist.

The teddy coat

If you haven't got yourself a teddy coat for this season then I urge you to invest in one! I mean I'm not forcing you but you are missing out big time. I know I'm not very original and most bloggers have a coat in this style, but do I care? No, not really. 
This is the comfiest, cosiest coat I've ever owned and every time I put it on I feel like I'm on a cloud. The teddy fur or whatever you want to call this fabric is literally a dream. I have no doubt it will keep me nice and warm throughout the cold seasons. 
I got mine from Urban Outfitters in beige, but it also comes in black. If you're not a fan of this particular one, do not worry, there's plenty of fish in the sea because literally every brand has jumped on the teddy coat bandwagon. Topshop, H&M, Monki and the list goes on.

The trousers

The orange trousers might be my favourite fashion purchase of 2017. And one of the most spontaneous ones as well. I was five minutes into a haul video on YouTube and the next thing you know I was on Asos adding the trousers into my shopping basket. 
I'm not going to lie, I was low key scared they won't look good on me and that they won't fit me right.  I'm not usually this bold with my trousers. I used to think that Topshop Jamie Jeans are life and nothing else could ever replace my love for them. However, I have decided to branch out and sort of revamp my wardrobe in the bottoms department. For example, I wore a skirt last week (check out my latest blog post for pictures of that) and now I'm wearing bright, orange trousers?? I'm telling you kids, my beloved Jamie Jeans are now hidden somewhere at the back of my wardrobe. New Alina, who dis?
Anyway, I'm quite literally obsessed with these trousers at the moment. They are super comfortable, super flattering and the colour can't get more autumnal than this, which makes me really happy.

The boots

I admit. I wasn't really into sock boots when they first started to come out because I couldn't find a pair that really screamed my name. But browsing the depths of Asos is dangerous, because you never know where it will take you and what hidden gem you're going to find. So that's basically how I found my ideal pair of sock boots and of course I had to buy them and start wearing them as soon as possible. 
Although the size of the boots is good for me and the heel is not even that high, after a few hours of wear I start getting a bit uncomfortable in them. But that's because I have quite weird feet like they're wide and I'm dealing with bunions as well, which are the bane of my life because they make it impossible for me to wear certain type of shoes i.e stilettos. However, that won't stop me from wearing my sock boots and I guess it's okay to suffer from fashion sometimes. 
Besides this small inconvenience, I really like these boots. They're very flattering and they look so nice on the leg and I think they can definitely take any outfit from 0 to 100.

It's been a minute since I've done a blog post on something that is not beauty related so I do hope you enjoy this rather different thing from me. 
Let me know in the comments below if you have any fashion favourites for autumn or just any kind of favourites! 

The pictures were taken by the lovely Sarah! If you're looking for an awesome photographer then get in touch with her because look at these shots...ain't they great? Get on her Instagram, give her a follow and go shoot with her! 


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Do you ever get that urge to do something spontaneous, something that you don't normally do on a regular basis? I feel like we get so caught up in our daily routines that we forget that life is more than just eat, sleep, work, study, repeat. I'm not trying to get too deep here but what I'm trying to say is that living also means doing something fun and spontaneous from time to time. 

What would my life be without concealer? I know most people need coffee in the morning to wake up and feel alive but all I need is a little bit of full-coverage concealer and I'm good to go. Because if I look good, I feel good. You know what I'm saying? Anyway, I think I may have discovered my new favourite feel good product that has literally blown my mind from the first time I used it and if you can't tell from the picture, I'm talking about the Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer.

I am a self declared skincare addict and if you've seen my very first YouTube video (you can check out my channel here) you'd know that I bought a lot of skincare goodies recently including some bits from The Ordinary which is a super cheap range from The Abnormal Beauty Company. I've been eyeing this brand's serums for a really long time and despite seeing so many positive reviews left, right and centre, I still wasn't 100% sure that they're THAT good and worth the hype. At the same time, my skin is rather complicated and I was scared of switching things up with the only routine that's worked for me in the past year. However, when I ran out of my beloved Pixi Glow Tonic I thought it was time for me to try out a new toner. After narrowing it down to like five options, I finally decided to go for The Ordinary Glycolic Acid Toning Solution. And because the toner was so affordable (literally below £10) and because I am that person who would rather spend some more money on something that I can use instead of paying for shipping costs, I added two more products to my cart. 
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