Battle Of The Liquid Lipsticks

I have been pushing back starting this blog for ages but I finally made up my mind and here I am writing about something that I am quite obsessed with. Yeah, you guessed it…it’s makeup. I am aware that there are loads and loads of beauty and fashion blogs out there but if you are one of my friends you must know that I am basically addicted to ‘all things pretty’ so I decided to start rambling about them on this blog. Not gonna lie, I am also a really bored Journalism student who is on a break from Uni for the next five months so I guess this blog thing could do my writing skills some good haha

As you can tell by the title and also by the picture above, today’s post is going to be on liquid lipsticks. I am huge fan of the concept and almost every brand is coming out with these kind of lipsticks because let’s face it..they really are amazing.

Recently, there has been a major buzz around Kylie Jenner’s lip kits and fortunately, I managed to get my hands on two of the colours. They literally look both in the packaging and on the lips like they have been sent from lipstick heaven but man are they expensive!

Fear not guys because NYX Cosmetics has come up with some liquid lipsticks as well and they are definitely more affordable and accessible. But can a drugstore brand product compare to THE ONE that thousands of people are struggling to get their hands on?

Candy K, Mary Jo K

Corset, Push-Up, Embellishment

First things first…the price. Safe to say, NYX Lingerie lipsticks win by a big difference. They retail for about $7 whereas Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits retail for $29 and the only place to get them is online so don’t forget to add shipping taxes and other sorts of taxes to the initial price if you live outside the US *crying face. It’s true that with the lip kits you basically get two products as they include not just the liquid lipstick but a lip liner as well but still…is it worth it?

Looking at the packaging, they are pretty similar: glass bottles, black lids, nice writing, Kylie killing it with the ‘dripping’ theme.

However, the applicators are slightly different. After her first releases of the lip kit, Kylie changed the floc of her applicators (the fluffy part of the wand) so it feels softer on the lips and can hold more product. Let me tell you that this floc does feel incredibly soft and it also holds a lot more product, maybe too much product as the glass bottle does not have a stopper.

NYX went for a longer and skinnier applicator which I think is great as it allows you to really shape your lips for a cleaner look. The bottle does have a stopper meaning that you get the right amount of product on your wand.

L-R: Candy K, Mary Jo K

L-R: Corset, Push-Up, Embellishment

For the swatches above I did one swipe with all the lipsticks and as you can probably tell they are all pretty opaque and highly pigmented. The formulas are a tiny bit different though.

Kylie nailed it with the formula of her lipsticks. At first I thought the liquid was way too ‘liquidy’ but one thin coat covered the lips so well and it dried matte almost instantly. When I first wore Candy K I panicked a bit because I couldn’t feel anything on my lips and I thought the lipstick had wiped off. False alarm. One big cheesy pizza later, the lipstick was still there without calling for a touch up. I guess it’s long-lasting too? Removing it (especially Mary Jo K) is a bit of a struggle but the good part is your lips won’t feel dry and won’t get flaky at all!

The Lingerie liquid lipsticks have more of a mousse-like consistency and it takes a bit longer for them to dry matte on the lips. I noticed that all the colours that I own from this range tend to change when they completely dry on my lips. The formula is a bit sticky and you can definitely feel like you are wearing lipstick especially when you put your lips together. However, the lipstick is not tacky or annoying to wear and it did not dry my lips. Somehow I always end up eating pizza when I wear these kind of lipsticks and I must say that NYX also passed the test. The product is super long-lasting and taking off the Lingerie was even more painful than removing the Kylie lip kits.

Overall, both brands deliver very high quality products. Both liquid lipsticks are extremely long-lasting, highly pigmented, easy to apply and they dry completely matte within seconds without leaving your lips feeling gross. I think that NYX Lingerie liquid lipsticks are amazing dupes for Kylie’s lip kits, at least for the nude shades since NYX does not have any reds in this collection.

Candy K and Push-Up looking almost identical

If you do get the chance to try some Kylie Cosmetics products, you won’t regret it…but don’t sell your soul to Satan for a lipstick when there are so many affordable options out there on the market.

What do you think of the liquid lipsticks trend? Have you tried or planning on trying any of them?

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