Review: Grounded Coffee Scrub

As seen on Dragons’ Den and now available in Boots, Grounded Body Scrub is the UK’s leading coffee scrub company specialising in creating beautiful body care for those who love to take care of their skin. This is not like any other exfoliator. With its ingredients, this scrub will tackle acne, stretch marks, eczema, scarring or any other skin conditions. I have never tried a coffee scrub before purchasing this one so I was very intrigued to see if there is any difference in the results compared to a normal scrub.

I have been using the Grapefruit Grounded Coffee Scrub for about two months now and it is a product I would definitely recommend as it is absolutely amazing. I only use it on my face because that is my main problem area but it can be used over your entire body. The product came in a lovely resealable pouch and Grounded claim that it is going to make you bathroom smell like a tropical paradise. I would have to disagree with this claim as my bathroom only smells like a coffee roaster.

Let’s talk about the ingredients. The scrub is made out of Robusta coffee beans / Coffee Sucrose / Brown Sugar Sodium Chloride / Dead Sea Salt Amygdalus Dulcis / Sweet Almond Oil Tocopheryl Acetate / Vitamin E Citrus Paradisi / Grapefruit Extract Oil Limonene. Basically, these are the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that you need for gorgeously smooth skin. Brown sugar and dead sea salt help scrub away any dry, dead or flakey skin while vitamin E and sweet almond oil will keep your skin moisturised. I was particularly interested in the grapefruit scrub because grapefruit is known to be packed with vitamin C which acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps boost healthy collagen production.

The scrub itself is finely milled and it smells amazing! Too bad you can’t eat it. The only thing I would say about this coffee scrub is that the application process can be a messy job. The coffee particles get everywhere in my bathroom, but that’s part of the fun! After I manage to get this on my face, I leave it on for about ten minutes, then I jump in the shower and wash it off.

I have been using this product two or three times a week for about two months and all I can say is that my skin has become a lot softer and dead skin cells have been removed. It has also helped with acne scarring and whenever I get an annoying spot, it goes away a lot faster thanks to this exfoliator. As this is quite a rough scrub, I was scared that it might irritate my sensitive skin, but it didn’t. I don’t even need to follow up with moisturiser afterwards. My skin just feels really smooth and hydrated and I don’t want to spoil that by adding layers and layers of other products.

Overall, I would recommend anyone to swap from the regular scrubs to a coffee based one. This is the way forward for people with skin conditions. If you want to get your hands on a Grounded Coffee Scrub then check out their website by clicking here. They also do a range of lip balms and hair masks.

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  1. June 23, 2016 / 2:26 pm

    I got a chocolate orange one of these in my recent post and I haven't tried it yet but after reading this I'm os excited.

    I'm not a fan of coffee and I don't like the smell of it so I hope this one isn't strong!

    Beth | xx

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