Travel Bucket List


The world is a big place, filled with wonder and excitement. Spending decades on this planet without discovering its diversities would be a shame. And there is nothing better than dreaming about places you want to visit, am I right? Sitting here, I’m not only thinking about my upcoming holidays but I’m also fantasising about a few spots in particular that I would really like to visit in the future. This is pretty much my ultimate bucket list, filled with places I would go to tomorrow if given the chance.

1. Sydney, Australia

Without any doubt, Sydney is one of the most impressive cities in the world. From the iconic Opera House to its famous beaches, the Australian gem truly knows how to combine the natural and the urban.

2. Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo is something else. The city looks like it’s straight from the future. While it is home to some peaceful temples and gardens, Tokyo also offers an unlimited choice of shopping, entertainment and culture to its visitors.

3. Bali, Indonesia


I think Bali is a living postcard, a paradise that feels like a fantasy. The Island of the Gods offers great beaches and countless natural sites to visit and explore. The ‘artistic capital’ of Ubud is the perfect place to invigorate your mind and body.

4. Mauritius


Another paradise! I remember seeing a documentary on this island and I completely fell in love with the gorgeous landscape. As a top holiday destination, Mauritius has an amazing selection of activities and attractions, all waiting to be discovered.

5. Toronto, Canada


Can you spot Drake? I feel like Toronto is quite a basic destination compared to other places on my bucket list but I would still like to visit the largest city in Canada and discover why it is ranked of the world’s most livable city.

6. San Francisco, USA


Home to a little bit of everything, San Francisco charms with its natural beauty, vibrant neighbourhoods and contagious energy. The city makes it wonderfully easy to tap into the good life as it is the ultimate destination for relaxed, self-indulgence.

7. Buenos Aires, Argentina


Often called the Paris of South America, Buenos Aires is a place to savour and what make Argentina’s capital so fascinating is its duality- part European, part Latin American. Tree-lined avenues, a thriving nightlife and great food and wine make Buenos Aires one of the most exciting cities in the continent.

What’s on your travel bucket list, guys? I’d really like to know…maybe you’ll give me some more ideas! 

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