My Travel Makeup Bag

Since I’m going to be travelling soon, I though I’d give you a peek at what makeup I decided to bring on my travels. Not gonna lie to you, my makeup bag is probably the first thing that gets packed whenever I’m going somewhere. I usually try to stick to the essentials but somehow, I always end up feeling like I have overpacked. However, this time around I tried keeping it as basic as possible and take with me just some staple items that I can’t leave home without. Hope you enjoy digging through my makeup bag!


You will probably see that most of the products in my makeup bag are for the face. Foundation is a must for me, as well as primer, concealer and powder. The others aren’t truly a necessity but it’s nice to have a bronzer and a highlighter (or two) with you on holiday. 


I used to take all of my eyeshadow palettes with me on holidays…but not anymore. I managed to stick to just one, and I went for the one that I have been using the most recently. 
3. Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette


I’ll admit. this is the area I’ve never been able to limit myself. Choosing what lip colours to take on my travels is always a struggle so I normally take them all. Some days I’m in the mood for red, other days I’m feeling a nude and so on. For my upcoming travels, I decided to take just two lipsticks, my current red and nude favourites. Plus, lip balm is a must!
It’s really hard simplifying the makeup to just one bag! What do you guys take with you when you’re travelling? 

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