Hit Or Miss? Koko Kollection

Hi, my name is Alina and I am a lipstick hoarder! I told myself I don’t need any more lip products in my makeup collection but I gave in and purchased the Koko Kollection from Kylie Cosmetics. I got way too excited when I heard that Kylie was doing a collaboration with her sister Khloe Kardashian. The packaging seemed really pretty as well as the shades, but the price sealed the deal for me! $40 for four lipsticks? Score! And surprisingly I had no custom fees to pay. Let’s jump into my review!

The set comes with three matte liquid lipsticks and one lip gloss. They come in a white carton box that slides off revealing the products, with Koko Kollection written in rose gold on the top. The collection was limited edition on the Kylie Cosmetics website and as I mentioned, it retailed for $40 instead of $66 which is a really good deal considering you are getting four full-sized lipsticks.
The formula is the same as Kylie’s regular lip kits. There’s a post on my blog (click here to read it) where I talk in more detail about other lip kits that I own and I also compared them to some liquid lipsticks that you can find at the drugstore.
Overall, I love Khloe’s shade selection. The gloss is my favourite followed by the matte nude. Here is a breakdown of what I think of each colour:
The gloss ‘Damn Gina’ is my absolute favourite from the collection. It’s perfect for everyday wear and I like that it doesn’t feel sticky on my lips. It’s a really nice nude pink with a lot of shimmer in it. At some point throughout the day the pink tones would fade but my lips would still look glittery. It’s literally like you’re getting liquid glass in the tube.
The matte ‘Khlo$’ is a dusty nude but when it dries it looks quite peachy on my lips. I love it because it’s really smooth, it doesn’t feel drying at all and it stays on for ages. I think this shade is very similar with another one of Kylie’s lip kits called ‘Exposed‘.
‘Okurrr’, named after a catch phrase that Khloe uses all the time is a hot pink, probably one of the brightest colours that has ever been released by Kylie Cosmetics. It feels really nice on the lips, however I was expecting a little more consistency from this shade. And another issue that I have with ‘Okurrr’ is that it stains my lips.
And finally we have ‘Gorg’ a deep wine colour which is perfect to wear throughout this season. The formula is not the best, and I know this is usually a problem with Kylie’s darker tones because they tend to be streaky. Applying a second coat is helping to get a fuller coverage but sometimes it makes my lips feel dry and flaky.
L-R: Damn Gina, Gorg, Okurrr, Khlo$
All in all, I think this is a nice collection and I’m glad I managed to get my hands on it. For me it’s definitely a hit. The darker shades take more work when applying and taking them off but they are still pretty great. 
What do you think of the Koko Kollection? Who would you like to see a collaboration with next?





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