March Favourites 2017

For eight weeks I stayed on top of my blogging game and managed to stick to my schedule of posting twice a week. However, last week life and a lot of uni work got in the way so I was a bit MIA from both my blog and social media. Bummer, I know, but today I’m back and feeling refreshed (sort of) and since I had no clue what to post I decided to just do my monthly favourites. This is not something that I do every month because I don’t always switch up the products that I normally use and there’s no point in me showing you the same things over and over again. In March I made a few beauty discoveries and I also rekindled my love for some products that I haven’t used in a really long time so obviously I have to share them with you.

Too Faced Pink Leopard Blushing Bronzer

I’ve had this bronzer for so so long and I forgot how much I used to love it until recently when I became really lazy with my makeup and couldn’t be bothered to do much to my cheeks. Instead of using an individual bronzer and then a blush, I just swipe a bit of this Too Faced product on my cheeks and I’m good to go. I really like how it makes my skin look, a bit bronzed but also a bit flushed. It gives the perfect results when you want a subtle, everyday look, and despite being quite pigmented, the product blends like a dream.

Urban Decay Naked Basics 2

I don’t even remember how long this palette has been in my collection for but as you can see from the picture above, a couple of the shades are well loved. I abandoned it for quite a while because I had new palettes that I was desperate to use but March for me was like a lazy makeup kind of month and whenever I want something quick and easy I always reach out for this palette. Urban Decay eyeshadows are so amazing, they are really pigmented and they blend easily without being chalky. I like swiping one of the lighter colours all over my lid and then go with a lighter brown in my crease.

Nouveau Lashes Lash and Brown Conditioning Serum

This is one of my favourite products from Nouveau Lashes and slowly I got used to applying it as recommended, twice a day, so it basically became part of my routine, just like skincare. This has a serum like consistency and I love that it makes my lashes and eyebrows look fuller and nourished. It also protects them from environmental pollutants, thanks to some powerful anti-oxidants and other amazing ingredients. This can also be used as a primer underneath mascara and don’t worry if you have sensitive eyes, this product is very gentle. Oh, and did I mention it is vegan as well?

Barry M Lip Kit 

I got my lip kit in shade ‘Pose’ as I thought it could be a great dupe for my Kylie Cosmetics ‘Candy K’ which sadly it is now finished. And I wasn’t wrong. The Barry M lip kit is not only an amazing dupe shade wise but also for the formula of Kylie Cosmetics lip kits. This is probably the best drugstore liquid lipstick I’ve ever tried. It doesn’t feel drying at all, it’s very opaque and it stays put for a really long time, unless you eat some greasy food, then you might have to put on some more. The lip liner is nice as well, it’s very creamy, which makes the application process very easy. I’m so glad I purchased this lip kit, especially since it’s a limited edition.

TRESemm√© Bothanique Hydrating Mist 

And finally I have a haircare product that I’ve been obsessed with this month. This hydrating mist is infused with coconut milk and aloe vera to detangle, condition hair and make it feel weightless and moisturised. I love using this when my hair is damp after being washed, and after it dries, my mane is left soft, smooth and really easy to style. This product is also silicone free, which is always a plus when it comes to haircare and it smells amazing, just like coconuts, which is giving me all the summery, beach vibes.
Let me know in the comments below what were your favourite products this month!



  1. March 27, 2017 / 4:29 pm

    That Too Faced bronzer is so pretty, I have one of their other ones and its beautiful! x

  2. March 27, 2017 / 5:41 pm

    I really want to try the chocolate soleil! I heard that one's good too x

  3. March 27, 2017 / 5:42 pm

    Yeah it's the best feeling! It's a reassurance that it's not just sitting there in your makeup collection for nothing haha x

  4. March 27, 2017 / 6:08 pm

    I used to love the Too Faced pink leopard bronzer! I ran out of it and never repurchased it. This brought back so many great memories of it

  5. March 27, 2017 / 6:36 pm

    I've had mine for so long and I just can't let go of it! xx

  6. March 29, 2017 / 8:33 pm

    Ive literally heard such good things about the Barry m new lip kits but I'm not a matte lip kind of person as of how drying they can be on my lips, but I'd love to try them &a see if they change my opinion!

    Isobel x

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  7. March 30, 2017 / 12:17 pm

    I think you should give them a go! My lips get quite dry too but the barry m lip kits feel so lightweight, it's like you're wearing nothing on your lips! x

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