Anastasia Beverly Hills Fall Launches 2017

A couple of weeks ago one of my favourite brands released their fall collection which was a bit of a hit and miss for many makeup addicts out there. Anastasia Beverly Hills came out with the Subculture palette which has caused a lot of controversy online, Liquid Glow highlighters in four shades and 35 matte lipsticks. I tried to convince myself that I don’t need to buy anything from this collection, at lease not on launch day because I knew everyone was hyped about the new palette so getting on the website and through the checkout process would be a pain. At the same time I was reassuring myself that I don’t need any more makeup in my collection, but as soon as the release hour came, guess who fired up the ABH website? Yeah, exactly…it was me!

Oh boy wasn’t it a stress and a half getting on the website, adding products to my cart and paying. The whole process took me about two hours and consisted in a lot of swear words, angry cries and about 1376475 hits on the page refresh button. Just when I was about to give up on everything, my order got confirmed as well as the shipping which was supposed to take from 7 to 10 business days. Luckily, I got my products in about three days which made me really happy and excited to start playing with new makeup.
I didn’t pick up the Subculture palette because as lovely as those shades can be, they’re not really my cup of tea, like they’re not something I’d wear frequently. So I decided to get my hands on a Liquid Glow highlighter in shade ‘Perla’ and two of the matte lipsticks in shades ‘Rosewood’ and ‘Soft Pink’. Let’s check out the swatches!
The highlighter isn’t showing up very well in the picture but you can definitely tell that the lipsticks are really full coverage and opaque. 

Liquid Glow Highlighter

This is my new gem! I’m really loving this product. I decided to get the highlighter in shade ‘Perla’ because it was described on the website as a ‘white gold’ and these kind of shades go very well with my skin tone. The liquid highlighter is supposed to offer an intense glow and it can be applied both on your face or your body. I haven’t tried it on my body yet but I can for sure tell you what it does for my face. I tried different application methods to see which one works best so on one side of my face I would use a beautyblender sponge and on the other side I would apply the product with my fingers. Despite being good at applying everything, the sponge didn’t win in this situation. I felt like it absorbed a lot of the product so my face didn’t look as glowy as I wanted it to. Therefore, I had to layer a lot of highlighter to get that intense glow that I was promised. 
Liquid Glow feels like it’s literally melting into the skin! It blends so easily, it’s very long-lasting and even if you decide to powder your face after, the glow would still show up but not that intense. If you really want to go for a super blinding glowy look that can be seen from outer space then I’d recommend using a powder highlighter on top as well.

Matte Lipsticks

You can’t really tell there’s a big difference between the shades from this picture but you can see better from the swatches above that ‘Soft Pink’ and ‘Rosewood’ come from different colour spectrums. 
I think ABH did a wonderful job with the matte lipsticks. From formulation to packaging, they remind me a lot of the Urban Decay Vice ones which I’m obsessed with. 
Both lipsticks I picked are full-on matte but they feel very comfortable on the lips and they’re not drying at all. I’ve heard people saying that they are not very long-lasting but in my case they acted pretty damn well even when I had food or a drink during the day. Trust me, I had Mac&Cheese this one time I was wearing ‘Soft Pink’ and my lipstick was unbothered. It didn’t smudge at all and I didn’t feel the need to do any touch ups. 
What got me really confused about these lipsticks is the way they apply. ‘Soft Pink’ goes on so nice and smoothly when I put it on but ‘Rosewood’ is giving me a headache. I love the cherrywood colour and I love how it looks and stays put but the application process takes ages because the bloody thing won’t glide easily on my lips and it feels a bit dry. However, after I spend 435243 minutes applying it, the lipstick doesn’t look patchy or dry and I still think it’s comfortable to wear. I just think this is really strange! It almost feels like the product is changing its formula after I finish putting it on.
Overall, I’m impressed with the new ABH releases and I would definitely try more lipstick shades and liquid highlighters because the ones that I just purchased have quickly become part of my daily makeup routine and they definitely made it on the ‘products I love’ list.
I hope you enjoyed this post and please let me know in the comments if you’ve ever tried any ABH makeup before or if you’re planning to!





  1. August 23, 2017 / 7:42 am

    Absolutely love the packaging and the shades of those lipsticks! Only own the modern renaissance palette by abh! Really wanna try more of their products!

    Isobel x

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  2. October 12, 2017 / 5:30 pm

    Oh I haven't tried any of the abh eyeshadows but I would definitely recommend the highlighters x

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