Trying Dermalogica skincare for the first time

Dermalogica skincare review

It seems like all I’ve been talking about on my blog recently is skincare but I find it impossible not to. I love skincare maybe even more than makeup and I’ve been trying so many new things, of course I have to share my thoughts with the world. I’ve got loads of things that I want to write about so expect more skincare talk on the blog soon, but today’s post is going to be about some Dermalogica goodies that (spoiler alert!!) I’m absolutely loving at the moment. Honestly, I have no idea why I haven’t tried anything from this brand up until a month ago. The products are amazing and my skin definitely agrees with this statement.

Speaking of my skin, I think the only word that can describe its current state is bipolar. Seriously, it’s so moody and unpredictable, just like a girl on her period. I don’t think my skin has been completely spotless ever since I was 13 and about two years ago I had a really bad acne episode. If you want to know more about that and my skin in general, then you can at my acne story post here. At the moment, my skin is fairly clear, with some occasional spots caused by hormones, alcohol, crappy food or not removing my makeup thoroughly after a night out. I also have some scarring going on and the most interesting thing that’s been happening is that my skin went from super oily to dry as the Sahara desert for a couple of weeks. I even had some really red and flaky patches that made my face look like it’s been burned with something.

So that’s when the Dermalogica products came in. I did receive them complimentary, for reviewing purposes, but that doesn’t affect my opinion in any way. I’m very picky when it comes to the stuff that I put on my face and I would never use something and pretend I like it just because it was sent to me. Now let me tell you a little something about each and every one of them.

Dermalogica precleanse balm




This is something that I’m definitely going to start purchasing myself. For some people, using this product would probably be an unnecessary step in their skincare routine but I’ve noticed it made a big difference in mine. The precleanse balm is basically a super thick cleanser. When you squeeze it out of the tube, it comes out as a solid chunk of oil but once you get it on your face it melts almost instantly. I’ve been using it after removing most of my makeup and before I go in with my actual cleanser. I love it because it makes my skin really smooth and it does an amazing job at removing all the remaining bits of makeup from my face like waterproof mascara or really thick foundation. I already finished this small tub of the precleanse balm but as soon as I’m down writing this post I’ll definitely be looking to get the full size version.





Dermalogica special cleansing gel






If you are looking for a gentle, non drying gel cleanser, then you might want to try this one. I wouldn’t use this to remove makeup, especially if you have a heavy face on, but it works great as a second cleanser kind of thing. I used this with my Magnitone brush every morning and evening and I just liked how fresh my skin felt afterwards. It leaves the skin feeling really soft and most importantly clean. I did like this product but I don’t think the word ‘special’ in the title is truly justified like it didn’t do something that my other cleansers can’t do.






Dermalogica daily superfoliant


This is the star of the show, ladies and gents. I have never tried anything like this before. I can’t decide if I should describe the daily superfoliant as a face was or as an exfoliator. The thing is, it is gentle as a face wash but it works the wonders of an exfoliator. Does that makes sense? The product comes in the form of charcoal powder, you dispense about half a teaspoon in your very wet hands and by rubbing them together you will get a creamy paste. Then you massage it for about a minute into the skin and rinse with warm water. The results you get are instant. Who knew that with the right product you can get your skin to feel smooth and plumped in just a few minutes. The charcoal purifies the skin and absorbs environmental toxins from the pores and other ingredients such as Red Algae or Tara Fruit Extract help protecting the skin agains the effects of pollution. This product is amazing, and considering its price tag I was expecting it to do me some good. It is not cheap at all, but I’ll keep using it, see how long it lasts and what it does to my skin on the long run.




Dermalogica skin smoothing cream



Ahh my skin saviour. This came into my life during some tough times. The moisturiser that I would normally use, which is like a water based, gel thing, couldn’t keep up with the dryness of my skin, especially on days when I was wearing makeup as well. After two or three hours my foundation would start to crack and I was literally able to peel it off my face. So I thought it was time to look for a new moisturiser, something thicker, creamier and generally more powerful. As I was going to be in New York for a few days, I started doing some research on the Sephora website but then I was like…wait a minute, you have a brand new moisturiser right here, maybe that will work. So I started using the skin smoothing cream, and let me tell you, it was like a miracle came into my life. For most people this might be a standard product but I can’t emphasise enough how much it helped me. Just after a few uses my skin went from dry and flaky to somehow normal and hydrated. It even did a great job when I was exposing myself to -15 degrees weather and I felt like it helped my makeup to stay in place longer.



As my final thoughts I’m just going to say that I’ve fallen in love with Dermalogica and I’m so glad I got to discover some amazing products throughout the Influenster VoxBox. This is the first time I’ve tried out something from the brand and I can’t deny it, I was impressed. I would definitely recommend Dermalogica to anyone especially the daily superfoliant and the precleanse balm. Out of everything that I mentioned above, these were the two things that stood out the most to me and that I would be more than happy to spend some money on.

What are your thoughts on Dermalogica? Have you tried any of their products?

*Thank you Influenster UK and Dermalogica for these products. They were sent to me for reviewing purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.




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