OUAI Haircare – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Ouai Haircare

When it comes to my hair, I am pretty low-maintenance. Although I love the luxurious feel I get after I’ve just been to the salon, I can never bring myself to actually use a billion products at home and style it properly all the time. As long as I have shampoo, conditioner, hair oil and some heat protecting spray, I am good to go. The only time I actually got curious and excited about hair products was when celebrity stylist Jen Atkin launched her own line of products called ‘OUAI‘. I’m sure you already know about the brand and the person behind it, but Jen is THE celebrity hairstylist. She’s working with the Kardashians, Chrissy Tiegen and many, many others and to be honest, their hair always looks fantastic. So am I expecting her own line to be good? Yes. Am I expecting to magically turn into Kim Kardashian after I put some OUAI Texturising Spray on? Definitely yes.

Atkin’s line has been around for two years already but I only got my hands on some products now. I got two of her travel sets: Ouai to Go and On My Ouai, each including 4 small products and I also tried her supplements for thin hair. You know I love a good hair supplement and I wanted to see if there’s any OUAI these ones are better than the Hairburst gummies, which I reviewed here.

After using the products for over a month now, I can finally tell you which ones worked for me, which ones didn’t and if there’s anything worth the money.

The Good OUAI

OUAI Haircare

OUAI Dry Shampoo and Dry Shampoo Foam

Hair wash night is not on the cards? Luckily dry shampoo was invented to save us in situations like this. Now the interesting part about OUAI is that they have two different dry shampoo formulas or textures, whatever you want to call it. You have the classic spray and then a dry shampoo foam, which I thought it was a bit weird at first but I ended up loving this concept of applying a foam to get rid of all the grime from my hair.

The classic OUAI dry shampoo is amazing because when you apply it, it doesn’t leave that white residue in your hair and it doesn’t feel powdery. It also smells incredible and it gives a lot of volume, so it literally feels like the mane has been freshly washed and blow dried.

When I first tried the dry shampoo foam I was like what the hell is this. I wasn’t surprised of my initial reaction to be honest because I’ve seen so many people being disappointed with this product. When I applied the foam and started massaging it into my roots, my hair looked worse than before. It certainly did not look clean. But after the product dried, I noticed the difference. My hair did end up looking clean, it had more volume and again it had that ‘just washed’ feel. I think that with the dry shampoo foam you just have to be very patient (which I’m not btw) and take your time to properly massage it into your hair to actually get some good results.

OUAI Haircare

OUAI Hair Oil

I don’t know what they put in this product, but I have no words to describe how good it smells. I literally feel like sniffing it all day everyday. Besides having a really nice scent, the hair oil performs well too. I love it because it feels lightweight and it doesn’t have that heavy, almost honey like sticky texture. You could even apply it on dry hair and it wouldn’t make it look greasy at all. The OUAI hair oil is super hydrating and it will strengthen your locks and make them look very smooth and silky. Bonus points for also providing humidity protection and for preventing colour from fading. And if your hair gets frizzy (I know mine does) this will help you fight that. After I finish this ridiculously tiny bottle, I will definitely be purchasing the full size hair  oil.

OUAI Haircare

OUAI Treatment Masque

I love a good hair mask for when I need the ultimate pamper night but I never really used professional ones. I’m a ‘coconut oil solves everything’ kind of gal. So obviously excitement was in order when I got to try the OUAI treatment masque. The products itself comes in individual sachets and you get just the right amount to cover your whole hair. The mask has a rich, creamy texture and it’s super easy to apply it evenly through the hair. Then you can chill for just 5-10 minutes before rinsing everything off but I usually leave it on for longer than that. The mask is supposed to undo damage caused by everyday exposure to heat-styling, pollution and UV and I don’t know how that is reflecting on my hair. All I know is that after I used this treatment my hair felt nourished, silky, shiny and stronger. Oh and it also felt like someone dropped a bottle of perfume on my head.

The Bad OUAI

OUAI haircare

OUAI Smooth Spray

The smooth spray is like a leave-in conditioner that you apply on damp hair prior to brushing. It is supposed to hydrate, detangle, condition and protect from heat. Nice claims but I didn’t feel like this product did much for me. It does make brushing your hair easier but it doesn’t leave it that hydrated. I would rather use the hair oil instead of this. It has similar properties as the smooth spray and it nourishes my locks better.

OUAI Hair Oil

OUAI Wave Spray

I’ve seen so many people rave about this product and I really don’t get the hype. I’ve given this wave spray so many chances and I never liked how it made my hair look. Not even once. It is supposed to give you that beach hair, wavy look but it made me put my hair in a ponytail because I never liked the effect it had on my hair. It just made it feel crunchy, tangled and generally messy, and not the salty, beach hair messy. It was a bird nest kind of messy.

The Ugly OUAI

OUAI Haircare

OUAI Texturising Spray

Another super hyped product that didn’t work out for me. I love texturising sprays especially because I’ve started curling my hair more often and I love spritzing something at the end to give my hair more volume and texture of course. However, this product seemed to make my hair more flat. You get a really nice effect at first but unfortunately it lasts just for about 5 minutes. I tried applying some more but I don’t think it’s normal to use half a bottle at once. And the outcome was the same anyway. I got better, long-lasting results from cheaper texturising spray so I definitely think this one would be a waste of money. I was very excited to try this one but I was left very disappointed by it. They should probably rename this product as ‘5 minute volume spray’ or something like that.

OUAI haircare

OUAI Thin Hair Supplement

I feel like there’s been a lot of confusion regarding these supplements. A lot of people, myself included, thought that they were made to thin hair not for thin hair. I was thinking why would someone want to get thinner hair. Anyway, either you want thinner hair or you have issues with thinning hair, I don’t think the OUAI supplements will do anything about that. I took these pills for 30 days and I haven’t seen any changes in my hair. I know it takes time to see results with things like this but I have previous experience with other supplements where I’ve seen them work in only two weeks. I was hoping the OUAI supplements would give me at least a sign that they are going to help with thinning, hair breakage and all that and I would’ve continued using them but I think I’ll go back to the hair gummies I used before.

All in all, the brand has a couple of products that I really enjoy using and I consider getting in full size. On the other hand, there are some things like the texturising spray or the wave spray that I don’t think would be worth the money, unless you just wanna get them to chic up your bathroom or get a really cool #shelfie, because let’s face it…all OUAI products have a nice, minimalistic and instagrammable packaging.

Have you tried anything from OUAI? If you did then what are your thoughts on the products? If you have any recommendations on other good hair brands then let me know in the comments!

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  1. March 20, 2018 / 11:38 pm

    So Ouai has a product called Memory Mist that is supposed to help your hair keep its style longer and I have been wanting to try it. Sometimes I get blowouts and/or curl my hair and have always been looking for a way to make it last longer!

    Great post! x


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