Worth The Hype? ABH Soft Glam Palette & Amrezy Highlighter

ABH Soft Glam Palette Amrezy Highlighter

Ever since the new Anastasia Beverly Hills palette was leaked on Instagram, I knew I had to have it in my life. The colours looked amazing, totally something that I would wear on a daily basis, plus I never owned an ABH eyeshadow palette before so I guess that was a valid excuse to get it as well. So when the official launch day came around, Valentine’s Day to be more precise, I was all over the ABH website, trying to get my hands on this palette and also on the highly anticipated Amrezy highlighter.

I’ve been using these two products almost every single day since I got them so I think I am now ready to share my thoughts on them with you and see if they’re worth the hype or not.

ABH soft glam army


The packaging isn’t something out of this world but it’s definitely effective. The eyeshadows in Soft Glam come in a cardboard like case which is covered in a velvety mustard material. A bit impractical, if you ask me because this kind of material is so easy to get dirty. It literally attracts everything from dust to makeup and it’s so hard to clean it without ruining the fabric. This isn’t a deal breaker for me because what’s on the inside matter most, right? But I do wish they’d make the packaging easier to clean. Inside you get a decent sized mirror, something that I always appreciate in an eyeshadow palette, and you also get a double ended brush. I’m not always a fan of the brushes that come with palettes but let me tell you, this one does a decent job at blending or smudging eyeshadows and I’ve been using it religiously with Soft Glam.

ABH soft glam

ABH soft glam


Now the packaging for the Amrezy highlighter is absolutely stunning. The product comes in a plastic compact case and I think the rose gold stars and the writing on the lid are different than anything ABH has ever done. The lid is black but the actual pan is rose gold, which is right up my alley because surprise, surprise, I love anything rose gold. There’s also a mirror inside so you can look at yourself closely whilst getting that glow. In case you didn’t know, Amra Olevic (Amrezy) is a Spanchat/Instgaram sensation with mad makeup skills and blinding glow. At least that’s what I know her for. She collaborated with ABH before and now she’s back bringing her highlighter dreams to life.

Product & Formula

ABH soft glam

I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit sceptical getting Soft Glam after the whole controversy around one of the previous ABH palettes. But I took the plunge and I can now confirm that I do not regret this purchase. Inside the palette you get 14 eyeshadows in three different finishes: ultra matte, duo chrome and metallic, the perfect collection to create subtle daytime looks but also some sultry glamorous ones for the night. All shades are quite neutral, which is 100% my kind of eyeshadow vibe. Who doesn’t love a good warm tone anyway? ABH labelled Soft Glam as the perfect bridal palette and I think this is a good way to describe it because you get the option of achieving both the delicate, sculpted eye look but also a full-on smokey eye.

As I mentioned about 100 times before, I’ve never tried ABH eyeshadows before so I didn’t know what to expect when it came to the formula of the product. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the eyeshadows were so freaking pigmented and they fulfilled all my blending dreams. Using this palette is effortless and I think that no matter how you use the colours with one another you will end up with a gorgeous look.

The shadows blend seamlessly, without leaving any harsh lines and they’re easily buildable. You only need a tiny amount of product on your brush and a light hand to get that perfect blended look. They have quite a buttery texture and they are extremely soft. The first time I touched one of the colours with my finger, it felt like I was touching a cloud. Not that I know how a cloud feels like, but it must be really soft. The pigmentation of the shadows is IN-SANE and even the metallic ones are packed with shimmer so you can achieve the most beautiful glowy eye look. I have experienced a bit of fall out with this palette, but it’s not something crazy and the colour pay-off is amazing so it’s totally worth it.

ABH Amrezy

I think I screamed opening the Amrezy highlighter. I saw pictures of it online before the launch day and I knew it was going to look amazing but it was even more stunning in real life. The official description of this product says that this is a limited edition illuminating powder with an ultra smooth formula and a radiant finish. It has a light-medium, champagne gold colour with warm undertones and a metallic sheen.

First of all, let’s all take a moment to appreciate the ‘wavy’ texture of this highlighter. It’s almost too pretty to touch it, let alone to properly use it (*note to self to order a back-up). But of course I had to put it to test and the next thing you know I’m reaching for my brushes and start applying the product literally everywhere. I noticed that it has a really nice pigmentation that can be buildable, and it’s probably the most pigmented highlighter I own at the moment. It has a nice buttery consistency that feels very smooth when you apply it and it’s almost like the highlighter melts into the skin. I used it with two different brushes and it picked up easily on both of them but I would recommend using a small, feathery brush when blending out this product.

The Amrezy highlighter has a strong shine on the cheeks and the good thing is that it doesn’t emphasise your skin’s texture. I have texturised skin and huge pores so sometimes it’s hard to find a highlighter that won’t cling on to that. It also blends so well that it doesn’t leave a glowy streak on your face. The highlighter wears well throughout the day and I think it lasts for about seven to eight hours on me without fading. This reminds me so much of the brand’s illuminators, which were a big thing a few years ago. I’m not sure if those ones have been discontinued or not but the Amrezy highlighter has a very similar formula to the illuminators.


ABH soft glam

Here are some swatches of the Soft Glam palette that I literally took in two minutes because I forgot swatches were a thing for blog posts like this one. I also forgot to swatch the highlighter, so apologies for that, but I can assure you if you’re thinking of getting it, it will be the best highlighter you’ve ever owned. The swatches above were taken without a primer underneath. Using a primer will make the eyeshadows look even better.

Shade description from top to bottom

Tempera: Ultra-matte velvety beige
Glistening: Iridescent gold with a hint of pink reflect
Orange Soda: Ultra-matte pastel peach
Rose Pink: Rose gold with a soft pink iridescent hue
Sultry: A hybrid satin metallic finish warm chocolate brown
Bronze: Metallic gold bronze
Mulberry: Ultra-matte mulberry
Dusty Rose: Ultra-matte dusty lilac
Fairy: Multi-imensional light gold
Burnt Orange: Ultra-matte deep orange
Sienna: Ultra-matte earthy brown
Rustic: Ultra-matte deep cinnamon brown
Cyprus Umber: Ultra-matte dark coffee
Noir: Ultra-matte deep carbon black

Let me know in the comments section below what do you think about the new launches from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Have you tried the Soft Glam palette and the highlighter or do you plan on getting them?

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  1. March 23, 2018 / 12:26 am

    Ohhh I need this! I have Modern Renaissance from Anastasia Beverly Hills and LOVE it. This one isn’t available in Australia at the moment 🙁 but I will so definitely be checking it out when it comes in! Loved this post!

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